The key to a successful holiday lies with the initial preparation of your destination and Las Vegas is no exception. Take into account the following aspects of a visit to this vibrant city in the desert when planning your trip.




If you fly into McCarron International Airport you will have witnessed the magnificent scenes displaying a 3D map of the desert, dried up river beds and canyons below. Once you leave the plane, be prepared for long wait to pass through passport control due to camera checks and fingerprints being taken then it is off to the buzz of the city that never sleeps.


Hotel Choice



Before choosing a hotel, decide where you wish to be situated in the city. If you want to be at the quieter end of ‘The Strip’, opt for a hotel such as Mandalay Bay, Luxor or Excalibur but if you prefer to be on the ‘The Strip’ itself head for hotels such as New York New York, Caesar’s Palace, Flamingo, The Venetian etc. Please be aware that check in and check out times can take time due to long queues so it is better to arrange a fast track mobile check in. Settle your bill the night before and all you need do when leaving is place your keys in the express check out box. Remember that all hotels require you to pay a Resort Fee on departure calculated on the number of nights staying in the hotel. Check out the price before you travel as some fees can begin at $39 + per night.


Eating and Drinking


Due to the poor exchange rate of the £ against the dollar and the cost of rising prices in USA, meals in Las Vegas are not as inexpensive as in the past. Generally it is more expensive to eat in your hotel but cheaper, quality meals can be found on ‘The Strip’. Deals in hotel buffets can be sourced or coupons can be obtained in cut price kiosks on Las Vegas Boulevard. Drinks, including water, can also be expensive to purchase but shops such as ABC stores can reduce the cost dramatically.


Travelling Around


There are a variety of ways to travel around Las Vegas – buses, taxis, free trams, monorail. Be aware that if using the monorail when you leave the station at each hotel you will require to negotiate your way through a casino and shopping centre to reach Las Vegas Boulevard.





Las Vegas is the perfect place to experience the sights of Europe on a four mile strip of pavement. You will be able to see the Eiffel Tower, sail through the canals of Venice on a gondola or sip a glass of wine as you sit beside the Rialto Bridge, experience the free Atlantis Fountain Show when walking through the streets of Ancient Greece.



You can travel further afield to Ancient Egypt when you enter the pyramid shaped Luxor Hotel. Here you will witness the splendour of the Sphinx, an obelisk and artifacts from ancient times.


The Bellagio Hotel is famous for its spectacular water fountains but enter the building and make a visit to the conservatory where the amazing displays change on a regular basis.


No trip to Vegas is complete without a night time visit to Downtown Fremont Street. This is the place to party, eat, drink and enjoy life.


Grand Canyon



Many people assume that they can ‘pop’ over to see the Grand Canyon but take into account that it is 300 miles away from Las Vegas meaning a 600 mile round trip. A day trip will see you travelling through scrub desert land encountering the amazing feat of engineering that is the Hoover Dam as well as travelling part of the historic Route 66. Another option is to fly across the canyon.




At the end of your trip to this vibrant city, love it or loathe it, you will be left with memories of an exciting city where the people are friendly and helpful and the sun always shines.podIGT asks if you could please leave any more preparations people need to make before travelling to Las vegas in his comments box.