Sarp’s Gang

As I journeyed through the planets to reach your solar system, I met many creatures who looked different from each other. They all expressed different beliefs but they all had one thing in common – they wanted to be loved for who they were. When I meet someone who is different from me I always remember that we are the same in some ways and different in others but that is OK. What do you think?

I keep memories of my best friends in my memory badge. Would you like to find out more about them?

flying sarp

Sarp the Tersk

Sarp’s name means: Sustainable And Renewable Power.

Sarp’s ancestors could only roll around on the ground inside the dark, damp caves on Planet Tersk.

One naughty little Tersky rolled outside and discovered that the sun helped to make his leg stronger. Soon he was standing up and hopping all over the land.

One little girl discovered that by using the power of water under her wings, she could swim.

An old grandfather climbed high to the top of the mountains and found that the power of wind could help him to fly.

Now by using the power of sun, wind and water, Sarp and his friends can enjoy their lives hopping, swimming and flying.

Sarp’s challenge: See what you can find out about renewable energy.


Sudsy and Mudsy

Sudsy and Mudsy say their planet is dying.

Sudsy and Mudsy live on a planet called Zigwig that was once as beautiful as your planet Earth .

The people don’t look after Zigwig and now it is sad and dying. Instead of bright blue skies, green grass and clean running water, everywhere is dusty, dark and dull.

The people leave water running all day long, do not recycle their rubbish and throw all the left over pieces of soap into the rivers and ponds.

The soap is every colour you could imagine and now beautiful rainbow coloured bubbles drift out of the mouths of the frogs who live in the ponds when they sing, croak or speak.

The bubbles join together and make lovely rainbows in the sky.

Sudsy and Mudsy tell everyone they meet to look after their planet so that it won’t become like Planet Zigwig.

Pod IGT’s challenge: Think about what you can do to look after your planet.

sudsy and mudsy


The planet got its name from: ‘Sol’ meaning ‘sun’ and ‘pow’ meaning ‘power’. This is a planet where the power coming from the sun is stored in batteries.

The batteries always have plenty of electricity to give power for lights, cookers, washing machines, electric cars, toys, games and much, much more.

Can you see how Robot collects the power of the sun to make sure he can move about?

That’s right. It’s a solar panel on the top of his head. The panel catches the sun and makes electricity so he can move. Lots of houses on Planet Earth have solar panels on their roofs.

Robot’s challenge: Can you find out all the things that use solar power to make them work?


Shadow Bush

Shadow Bush says trees are very important.

Shadow Bush asks if you have ever sheltered from the hot sun beneath a tree and thought how important trees are to your life.

Trees breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. So we are good for each other. They make the oxygen we need and we make the carbon dioxide they need.

Trees are very important for many other reasons too. They give us wood to build houses and furniture and wood- pulp to make paper.

They are home to many insects, birds and small animals such as koala bears, squirrels and monkeys.

They give us fruits such as apples, oranges, pears and berries; the sap inside their trunks is also useful as food for insects or to make rubber.

Shadow Bush says he likes when children climb into his branches to hide from their friends. Sometimes he makes his branches move when he giggles and the children think they are going to fall but he would never let that happen.

Shadow Bush’s challenge: Try to find out more uses for the trees you see around you every day.

shadow bush


Fireball comes from a Planet called Subterranean

Fireball tells how heat beneath the earth can be used to give us power for our homes. This type of heat is called geothermal power.

Geo means ‘earth’ and thermal means ‘heat’ so geothermal power is heat coming from under the earth.

Heat in the earth comes from the sun as well as from red hot molten magma at the middle of the planet. This magma can be seen as a river of fire called lava when a volcano erupts.

If you dig four feet below the ground you will find that the temperature stays hot all year round. By pumping water into pipes under the ground this heat can be brought to the surface and turned into electricity to use in your home.

I wonder how Fireball can stand the heat under the earth. I don’t think I would like to go there. Would you?

Fireball’s challenge: Find out all you can about volcanoes.


Windy Puff

Windy Puff blows the huge windmills that make electricity.

When I saw some huge metal windmills on planet Earth I thought that a giant had invaded the land and made them for his children to play with.

Silly me! It was only when Windy Puff came along and told me they were called wind turbines that I realised my mistake. Windy Puff said that the power of the wind turns the huge turbines to make electricity. The wind must be strong to do that and the good thing is that there is always wind around so it isn’t all being used up. Lots of windmills built together are called windfarms.

Did you know that windmills have been used for thousands of years to produce the power to pump water or grind flour?

Windy Puff says he and his friends must keep blowing to make other things work too – to fly a kite or hot air balloon, to make a parachute work, to make the sails on a boat work, to dry clothes on the washing line and much more.

Windy Puff’s challenge: Can you think of any more things Windy Puff and his friends might have to blow?

windy puff


Waveman comes from Planet H2O

The planet got its name from the symbol for water.
There are many lakes, rivers and seas on Waveman’s planet and lots of water falls from the high mountains to the land below where it is collected in huge dams. This water is sent to a big building called a Hydro Electric Plant to be turned into electricity. The electricity is sent to houses and used to power cars.

PodIGT’s challenge: Find out all you can about Hydro Electric Plants.