Pod and Friends

Who is Pod IGT?

Pod IGT is an explosion of energy, excitement and fun who stimulates imagination, helps build self confidence and educates children about serious issues in a fun way.

Open his Magical Memory Badge and you will enter a weird and wonderful world where he stores precious memories of people he has met, places he has been and facts he wants to remember.

His Memory Badge PackĀ  consists of a colouring story book and a self assembly badge kit.

The pack has been used by members of the armed forces when on deployment, prisoners’ families, for staying in hospitals and for bereavement. It is extremely versatile and can be put to many uses.


Pod IGT’s Philosophy

Pod IGT’s belief is that we are all the same in some ways but different in others and that’s alright.

Having met many unusual looking creatures as he travelled through the universe, he soon discovered that although they all looked different on the outside, inside they felt exactly the same.

They all laughed and cried, felt happy and sad but most of all, they just wanted to be accepted for who they were.

Pod IGT says that if we treated each other with respect, the world would be a happier place.



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Sarp’s Gang

sarp flying

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