The Eyes Say It All

Look into the eyes
See the soul of the man
Look at the eyes of the innocent
Feel their pain
If you can.

The eyes of the world
Were on Ukraine that day
As the soldiers swept in
With the utmost desire
To cause disarray

The eyes of the dictator
Filled with hatred and greed
Burn with a madness
To push everforward
Never to concede

The eyes of the children
Filled with horror and fear
Ask the unanswered question
What brought these soldiers
To our home, here?

The eyes of the mother
Filled with grief as she cries
“Why does this still happen?”
Then falls to the ground
As her first born son, dies

The eyes of the youth
Determined to make it right
Asks the question
Not proffered
“How long must we fight?”

My eyes they grow weary
With the pain all around
When, oh, when
Will a solution
Be found?

Yes, look into the eyes
See the soul of the man
Look hard in the mirror
Justify how this happened
If you can.