Pod leaving Stinkywink

Leaving Stinkywink

Long, long ago, my family lived on a beautiful blue planet that was many light years away from your Earth, called Stinkywink. It got its name from some stinky smelling rocks that were found high up in the mountains. At night, three big moons and a cluster of stars shone in the sky around the planet. The stinkywinks were very happy people who loved their planet but one day a terrible thing happened. A Meteorite was heading towards the planet and the people knew they would have to leave.

The Stinkywinks were all very sad but before they left, they were given magical memory badges. The leader told them that if they felt sad or lonely they only had to touch the badge and it would remind them that someone far away was thinking about them at the same time. That is what I do when I am feeling lonely as I travel through Space. It makes me feel happy and I smile again.

I also store memories of people I meet , places I go and things I want to remember inside my badge so that I can share my memories with you.

You can make your own special badge when you buy a Pod IGT Memory Badge Pack.

magical memory badge