Children can feel sad and lonely for a variety of reasons including family separations, parents’ work commitments, hospitalisation, bereavement, moving home, starting a new school etc.

Having come into contact with many such children during my educational career, I created the character of pod Intergalactic Traveller and these are some of the questions I am often asked.


What does podIGT do to make himself  smile?

Pod Inter Galactic Traveller knows what it feels like to feel alone as the inhabitants of his planet had to leave their homes and are now scattered all across the galaxy. Before they left, they decided to make special Memory Badges  filled with love to remind them of each other. Now when podIGT feels sad or lonely, he touches his badge, remembers his friends and family and that makes him smile.



What goes into a podIGT Memory Badge?   


The badge can contain
A photograph
A drawing
A message


Who has used a podIGT Memory Badge?


Some children of armed forces personnel used the badge to remind them that the person they were missing, who was deployed to Afghanistan, was always thinking about them. One soldier wrote:
“My little girl pins her badge on her teddy at night and says that means daddy is sleeping with her.”
A little boy in hospital drew a picture of a kite for his badge and said that when he looked at it he had to get better soon so that he could fly a kite with his family again.
A prison used the badges for family days so that whoever was in prison could write a message to remind the child going home they were never forgotten.
It has also been used by fostering agencies, hospices, and by members of the public for bereavement.


Does pod IGT do anything else?

Inspired by comments from children he meets on his travels, podIGT and his friends now educate children about environmental, social and cultural issues in a fun way and continues to express his philosophy of the fact that we are all the same in some ways and different in others but that is OK.



Where can I find out more about podIGT?

If you know a child that would benefit from podIGT’s story and would like to meet his  weird and wonderful friends, head over to his website ( and have some fun.